Book Review – On The Rock by Andy McNab

I’m making a point with my reading this year to try things that are outside my usual reading comfort zone. Like most people, I’ve heard of Andy McNab but was never that sure about reading his work.


This is the call he is always ready for. They’ve had word of a planned attack. That’s why he’s back here, opposite some suit who’s trying to tell him what he needs to do. But he knows exactly what’s required.

Four men. Plain clothes. Eyes peeled.

Three targets. Two cases. One car.

Gibraltar isn’t an ideal location. Too many people. Too many blind alleys. But then again, he’s not the terrorist. Who knows what goes through their minds? Well, he will soon. If everything goes to plan.


This is one from the Quick Reads books, so only about 70 pages of large print, and I read it in one sitting because that’s what these books are meant for.

The story is told in the first person and is led by ‘K’, called in for a job that could be fatal and is most definitely deniable. On Gibraltar, K and a small team are looking to foil a terrorist bombing, and identify a radicalizing influence to stop future attacks.

Okay, so I wasn’t expecting much from the book, which is kind of just as well, because I didn’t get much from it. The writing is competent, and the story echoed a number of police incidents on Gibraltar that I remember, so there was a clear element and sense of realism. I’d say McNab did his research well if it weren’t more a case of he lived his life well.

The reason I brought the Quick Read was to see if I wanted to read a full-length novel of McNab’s, and I can’t say that this has convinced me they are something I’d enjoy. I might try reading one at some point, but I certainly won’t rush to do so. That said, I can see why other would love McNab’s writing, it’s just not my cup of tea.

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