On My Shelves: Where Death Lies by Linsay Ashford


A body is dragged from the water. It holds a deadly secret. Touch it and you might be next to die…

The small community of Borth is rocked by the discovery of a mutilated corpse in the treacherous wilderness bordering the sea.

The identity of the gruesome remains is a mystery but within days there is a second death to investigate. Then a third.

The police are baffled by the disparity in age, sex and manner of death of the victims. Psychological profiler Megan Rhys is supposed to be on holiday but as she is drawn into the murder inquiry her forensic skills are tested to the limit by a ruthless killer who will guard the secrets of the past no matter what the cost.


Megan Rhys is staying with her sister in Borth when a murder crops and she gets called in to help the investigation. To be honest, can’t really rationalise that one. Her mate Jonathan getting the call kind of makes sense, but there again, wouldn’t have been much of a series inclusion if Megan hadn’t been there.

It was an interesting plot, with an appropriate number of red herrings, but some inappropriate forensics. Still, it kept me reading, and while I thought I knew who the murderer was reasonably early, there were enough twists for me not to be certain until the last few pages (I was right, but unsure, which is a good thing).

I read this years ago now, probably one of the first crime novels and I read that was set in Wales. It’s not the first in the Megan Rhys Crime Mystery Novels, but I didn’t suffer in the read for not having read the previous ones.

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