Book Review – The Safe House by Louise Mumford


She told you the house would keep you safe. She lied.

Esther is safe in the house. For sixteen years, she and her mother have lived off the grid, protected from the dangers of the outside world. For sixteen years, Esther has never seen another single soul.

Until today.

Today there’s a man outside the house. A man who knows Esther’s name, and who proves that her mother’s claims about the outside world are false. A man who is telling Esther that she’s been living a lie.

Is her mother keeping Esther safe – or keeping her prisoner?

My Review

Louise does a wonderful job of taking the ordinary and every day and turning it into something special and unusual, something extraordinary. 

Esther is just an ordinary girl turning twenty-one. All she wants for her birthday is to go on the Yearly. The once a year event when her mother goes Out There, and gathers supplies for a year. Of course, mother says she’s not ready, but uses reverse psychology to ensure that Esther stays home.

Waiting alone, Esther sees something she never expected, a man coming up the drive. And stepping on… well read the book if you want to know.

The point is, the arrival of this man is going to change Esther’s life forever. This story is of the longest and most important journey anyone can ever take, the journey of self-discovery. Esther has to learn who she is and what the world around her is like. Most of us have every year of our childhood to achieve this, but Esther hasn’t been in the world for most of her life and has to learn it in days.

The fall out needs a blast wall. The struggle is a giving birth. The result is messy and glorious.

Reading this story is to watch a flower move to bud to blossom, but Esther remains true to herself throughout, and it’s a beautiful, sometimes painful tale. Discovery, embarrassment, growth, life and death. Fear and courage. It’s all here and it’s wonderful.

Highly recommend.

I have read Louise’s first book too, “Sleepless”, I loved that as well. There’s no link here. They are each standalone, but if you’ve read and enjoyed “Sleepless”, then you’ll love “The Safe House”. If you read “The Safe House” and enjoy it, there’s a good chance you’ll feel the same way about “Sleepless”. Both are excellent.


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