Book Haul

Here’s today’s book haul picture. I’m about to go to be away from home for three weeks and lots of reading is planned. I’ll do a picture of all books taken when we go. But these two arrived from Waterstones today. I received one by post which arrived this morning. Then other, I collected from my fav ‘Stones in Wales – oh you should see the building!

I brought “The Motive” because no I’ve read “East of Hounslow” by Khurrum Rahman, and loved it. See my review here. So I was interested to see what came before, which is what this quick read is.

The James Oswald book “Nowhere To Run” I got because I love his McLean books, so I thought I’d give Constance Fairchild a go too. That this book is set in Wales is why I’ve dived in here rather than starting at book one. That’s something no one should be made to feel they have to do. Start a book series where you want to. If you then want to go back to the start, that’s fine, but it’s not compulsory.

The other thing you can’t miss in this picture is the silver crushed velvet. That also arrived by post today. Lovely isn’t it? It’s actually for a new tablecloth. No, it’s not going on the dining room table, it’s going on my book fair tables. I chose the silver because it’ll show up book covers whatever the colour. It’s crushed velvet to disguise creases, and it drapes rather well if I want to build up the display with book boxes beneath it. Yes, I do book fairs, I know many authors don’t, but I kind of like them. My next is on October 1st in St Elvan’s Church, Aberdare.


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