New Year, Old Lockdown.

Being in lockdown hasn’t been easy – even for those of us who enjoy staying home. Lockdown has started to feel very ‘old’ for most of us. But it’s still important if we don’t want to watch our country decimated by disease.

What everyone should have learnt from this experience is that it doesn’t matter how many comforts and luxuries we have around us, when our freedom of movement is curtailed, we struggled. The loss of that freedom is difficult to bear and live with. 

One of the things I struggled with was not seeing much of my children.  In 2020 we probably only spent about 6 hours total with our eldest. Missing our families and not being allowed to see them was one of the toughest things we all had to face. 

Even work life changed dramatically. Working from home for those that could, furlough, or worse, unemployment for those who couldn’t. Real life meetings swapped out for on-line conferences. Video conferencing becoming the norm, but can never fully replace the benefits of face to face meetings. We discovered that internet connection is less of a luxury than a necessity, as we all stayed at home and education was expected of parents not in a position to educate.

We all felt we were in prison.

That in it’s turn should give us all a new appreciation for what prison is actually about.

There have been complaints about how ‘easy’ prisoners have it in jail, but remember that being in prison isn’t about punishment, being in prison is the punishment.

Prisoners live in small rooms (what most would probably call a box room). They don’t have any freedom of movement. Most don’t have the luxuries that some papers suggest they do. Few have TVs or internet access. They don’t get to spend time with their families or friends. Even mobile phones are banned (though okay, they do get in).

This article is not arguing that prisoners should have more. This article to meant to open some eyes as to just what prison is about, and it shouldn’t be out of sight, out of mind.

If you want to see understand some of the difficulties about being in Prison, you’ll get a feel for the atmosphere in my book “Locked Up”.