TV Review – McDonald & Dodds

What IMBD says about it:

A shy and enigmatic Detective Sergeant is partnered with a wildly ambitious Detective Chief Inspector to solve crimes in the historic city of Bath.

My Review

This is only a couple of years old, and the series themselves are short, as each episode fills a 2-hour slot.

The basic premise is that DCI Lauren McDonald (ably played by Tala Gouveia) has moved to Bath and is a driven ambitious officer, who gets paired with DS Dodds (wonderfully mastered by Jason Watkins), who is an introvert with a penchant for meticulous analysis.

Each episode is stand alone story, though the relationship between the odd-couple investigators provides a good overarching line. Though McDonald spends most of series one and two saying that she’s not staying long in Bath, wanting to get back to London, that’s soon less heard in series three. While we soon learn that McDonald has a boyfriend, finding out about Dodds past take more time and honestly raises more questions that seem unlikely to be answered, but don’t detract from making Dodds likable.

The crime stories are sufficiently complex to keep the viewer watching, but they aren’t going to tax Sherlock any. This is a lovely, gentle series, not hefty gross out gore, not a lot of swearing (if any).

Through the series viewers will note a lot of well-established names popping up, especially in the episode “The Man Who Wasn’t There”. They are good scripts, well portrayed and the settings in Bath are just beautiful.

If you are into Midsomer Murders, or Miss Marple, or Agatha Raisin, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy getting into McDonalds and Dodds.

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